•  MFDS IVD***

•  Qualitative detection of virus that causes Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome

*Registered trademark in South Korea.

**Not for sale in the U.S.

***Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

SFTS Virus Real-time PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test intended for the qualitative detection of the Dabie bandavirus that causes Severe Fever with thrombocytopenia Syndrome using nucleic acid RNA extracted from human blood or serum.

Features and Benefits


Repeated tests through serial dilution confirmed high analytical sensitivity.


Clinical evaluation performed with human blood specimens confirmed clinical accuracy.

Clinical Performance

Excellent clinical performance with high sensitivity and specificity proven.


Analysis software provided enables automated analysis.


Shelf life of up to 6 months.


High reproducibility with similar results were confirmed various tests.

Product Specifications

Kit Information
- Kit includes Taq Polymerase, Primer & Probe, Positive control.

Clinical Sensitivity & Specificity

- SFTS Virus: clinical sensitivity (95% CI) of 94.31-100% and clinical specificity (95% CI) of 94.04-100%.

Work Process