•  MFDS IVD***

•  Detects and distinguishes HLA-B

•  Easy analysis using dedicated software

*Registered trademark in South Korea.

**Not for sale in the U.S.

***Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

NamuPlex™ HLA-B NGS typing Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test that detects and distinguishes allelic genes of HLA-B in human leukocyte antigens at high resolution using next-generation sequencing. Ezplex's unique amplicon approach simplifies the traditional complex NGS Library construction process and provides dedicated software optimized for HLA typing for easy analysis. The Ezplex® HLA-B NGS typing Kit accurately reads the HLA-type Acuracy % (95% Confidence Interval) in DRB1 Locus within a total of 35 hours from DNA extraction to NGS results analysis to help with pre-transplant testing.