[News]SML Genetree unveils key and new products at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry

SML Genetree unveils key and new products at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry

SML Genetree (CEO Gyung-Jin Kim) announced on the 25th that SML Genetree participated in the 2023 AACC held in Anaheim, California, USA, showcasing its new product lines including GI (Gastrointestinal) panels, CMV, BKV and launching a global promotional campaign for participants from around the world.

Celebrating its 75th year, AACC is the world's largest diagnostic exhibition in the field of clinical chemistry. This year's AACC was held at the Anaheim Convention Center for 5 days, from July 23rd to 27th with participation from over 200 global IVD  and biotechnology companies

Since establishing the SML Genetree US subsidiary in 2020, SML Genetree has been accelerating its entry into the Central/South American markets. The company has been participating in AACC since 2021. SML Genetree and Samkwang Medical Foundation, a family company, jointly promoted their companies at a shared booth this year. Notably, specialists from Samkwang Medical Foundation participated in the event, introducing the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests in South Korea to global attendees.

The products SML Genetree unveiled at this conference included new molecular product line such as GI panels, CMV and BKV. The company also plans to strengthen partnerships with major distributors in Central and South America. The GI panel can detect six types of acute diarrhea-causing viruses and fourteen types of bacteria causing acute diarrhea within three hours using real-time PCR technology. It received significant interest from overseas distributors even before its official release.

Gyung-Jin Kim, the CEO of SML Genetree, stated, "This exhibition provides a significant opportunity to directly promote SML Genetree’s new products into North and South American markets. We will continue to expand the recognition of SML Genetree’s diverse portfolio to US and global customers, enhancing corporate and product brand awareness."

SML Genetree, a molecular diagnostic solutions company within the Samkwang BioTree Group, has successfully developed and obtained approvals in key countries for products ranging from infectious disease focused PCR  tests to NGS panels. The company is currently engaged in research on commercializing POCT diagnostic devices with Korean domestic conglomerates, developing nano-based diagnostic solutions through independent technology, utilizing liquid biopsies for research on rare diseases and cancer diagnosis. It has also been selected as one of the top three innovative growth companies in the biotech healthcare sector by the Small and Medium Business Administration.

Excerpted from 2023.07.26 // Yakup // Yoojin Du (dyj0128@yakup.com)