[News]SML Genetree Introduces 'NamuPlex' Brand at International Conferences

SML Genetree announced that it successfully operated exhibition booths at 'ECCMID 2024' held in Barcelona, Spain, last April, and at the 'Korean Society of Laboratory Medicine 2024 Spring Symposium (KSLM 2024)' held in Seoul last May.

SML Genetree introduced its new brand 'NamuPlex' for the first time at both conferences. As its name 'Namu' (which means tree in Korean) suggests, NamuPlex symbolizes vitality, growth, and expansion in the diagnostics field.
It is a new brand for diagnostic products such as Respiratory Pathogen, STD, H. pylori-CLA, and MTBC/NTM test products, which have already been recognized for their product quality not only in Korea but also in various countries in Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

In particular, ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) is a globally prestigious conference in the fields of infectious diseases and microbiology, providing SML Genetree with an important opportunity to make its first step into the European market.

At KSLM 2024, SML Genetree also introduced the 'GenetreEX™ 32' nucleic acid extraction equipment. This equipment can be installed in small spaces and can process 32 samples simultaneously, providing an ideal solution for spaces where efficiency and size are important.
The GenetreEX™ Viral TNA Kit, used with the GenetreEX™ 32 equipment, can extract viral RNA and DNA from human-derived samples, showing higher diagnostic efficiency when used together with NamuPlex products.

Kim Kyung-jin, CEO of SML Genetree, said, “Presenting the NamuPlex brand and GenetreEX™ 32 nucleic acid extraction equipment at ECCMID 2024 and the Korean Society of Laboratory Medicine 2024 Spring Symposium was a great opportunity to reintroduce SML Genetree products to the Korean and European markets. We will take a leading role in both domestic and European markets, contributing to society with better services and innovative technologies.”

Excerpted from 2024.06.04 // Pharmnews // Taeil Kim (neo@pharmnews.com )

Source: PharmNews (https://www.pharmnews.com)